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Great fan-made trailer for the avengers to get everyone hyped :)

“Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to exit the donut!”

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Another batch of bad ass set photo’s featuring chris evans as captain america from the avengers. I love the one with the flames in rear shot, how amazing will it look on screen!

Worldwide release dates for the amazing spiderman :)

Worldwide release dates for the amazing spiderman :)

Mo cap suits and Alien weaponry on the set of the avengers, skrull invasion anyone? I sure do hope so :D :D

Anonymous asked: Do you know anything about the Deadpool's movie?

Its is scheduled to shoot either 2012/13, it is going to be directed by Tim Miller whom was the special effects director on the X-men films. The guys who wrote Zombieland have wrote the screenplay, with regular input from Ryan Reynolds. One of Deadpool’s main writers (his name escapes me) has been pushing on the studios to hurry up with it as the script is fantastic, lots of trademark violence, comedy and meta moments of breaking of the fourth wall, apparently including slagging off the Wolverine film and Hugh Jackman at many points in the film haha.

Chris Evans on the set of The Avengers!


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