As reported by the dudes at Variety earlier today, Kevin Feige and his band of merry laywermen (law-men?) are currently in talks with Fox studios to negotiate the use of characters from The Fantastic Four universe. 

As some of you guys may know there are many characters that despite cross pollinating throughout the Marvel universe over the years actually first came from the pages of The Fantastic Four, the biggest example being that of the Skrulls which for legal reasons I presume became the Chitauri in The avengers.

Varietys story tells us that the terms for the negotiation are that marvel studios will be given back ownership of certain FF characters, the characters that are reported to be part of the deal are the world devourer Galactus, and that little know guy who comes with him The Silver Surfer. The talks have began as fox have to begin production on a new daredevil film before the 10th of october unless the rights revert back to marvel studios, so the FF characters reverting to marvel will buy fox more time to reboot the daredevil franchise with abit more bad ass and a little less affleck.

So there you have it, marvel seems to be truly trying to pull out all the stops as they move forward into developing the more cosmic part of the marvel cinematic universe kevin has promised us is coming up.

 The upcoming deal : Thanos & galactus vs the avengers, yes please.

This is really exciting news as it shows the studios are willing to play ball with each other with character rights, lets pray to the all father that this is the start of the long but all too worth it path to getting spidey & wolverine in the same ball court as earths mightiest heroes.