Right guys as you may have noticed as things are getting more and more bad ass for phase two, this blog has been silent for quite a long time. The name reason is the fact that I am a film student in my final year so I am piled under work that has nothing to do with the worlderful world of marvel films.

So I am looking for someone new to run the blog! Cause there is a half decent amount of followers and I’m sure someone has much less spare time on their hands and loves marvel just as much!

In keeping up with how I tried to run the blog I need people who fit these requirements 

  • You love marvels films, but also are familiar with the comics that inspire them.
  • You read film journalism at least twice a day, this means multiple sources not just the ones you like. News can be broken on one site and then appear here before other major sites. 
  • You spend alot of time on here and totally understand how tumblr works
  • last one, that you are very good with literacy, I dont want to hand the blog over to someone who’s posts resemble ‘OMG NEW CAP PIXX’

So yeah just throw me a message with a paragraph or so about your relationship with marvel films, I’ll check out your blog and hand the keys to the Hellicarrier over when I find someone who will treat her good.